The benefits of an automated property are profound, and by adding automation you will be both future-proofing your development and safeguarding your investment. Whether you are interested in laying an infrastructure for the future, or wish to install a fully working automated system, Future Control can work with you to fulfil your requirements.

Future Control pride ourselves on a close working relationship with many developers around the country, and we offer solutions to suit a wide range of projects, from individual renovations to large, multi-property developments. We also tailor retail packages that can be offered to potential buyers, from basic upgradeable systems to comprehensive solutions, allowing them to choose the functionality of their own system, and saving you time and money.

We can also invite you to view our demonstration property, at the Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh, to give you a comprehensive demonstration of a complete solution, enabling you to experience the benefits for yourself.

If you have any upcoming projects in which you may wish to include an automated system, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise on any project and look forward to viewing your plans.