Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an automated home?

The benefits of home automation are outstanding. Not only will you have complete control over all your audio, video, lighting, heating and security, but your system can be controlled from anywhere in the house, or indeed the world.

For example, you may wish to switch your lights and heating on just before returning home from work, or watch your security cameras in real time over the internet while you’re on holiday, or turn off your kid’s television and lights when they’re supposed to be sleeping. The possibilities are endless.

What are the environmental benefits?

In today’s environmentally aware society, it is imperative to save energy wherever possible. Using an automated lighting system to vary the level of light output saves energy and money, and you will also be able to use the ‘whole house off’ function to ensure no lights or AV equipment are left switched on when you leave your property.

How much will an automated system cost me?

The cost of a system varies incredibly, and depends entirely on what you want the system to do. The benefit of these systems is that once the correct cable system has been implemented, the solutions can grow and evolve to suit your needs.

How will Future Control help me with my automated system?

Firstly, from a set of layout and design plans, a member of our sales team will discuss any initial requirements you may have and produce a budgetary quotation, and arrange for on site visits, and also a tour of our demonstration property.

Once a specification has been agreed, Future Control will deliver a pre-installation instruction guide and detailed cable diagram to your electrical contractor for initial infrastructure cabling.

All hardware is installed into an AV rack and tested at our base in Omagh. Our dedicated technicians will then arrive on site to fit the hardware and ensure everything is working correctly.

A comprehensive user guide and operation manuals are provided to the customer upon completion of the install to ensure any questions are answered.