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Share your broadband connection as well as files and printers with all computing equipment in the home. Use laptop and PDA’s with the addition of a wired or wireless network for a more efficient broadband connection around your home or utilise the power of your PC to record and pause live TV and access DAB radio, MP3 and DVD collections. 

More and more technology relies on having a complete structured cabling infrastructure installed around the home so that IP controlled equipment can find each other on a home network or LAN to integrate successfully and efficiently with other equipment.  We at Future Control understand the importance of having a complete cabling infrastructure installed and commissioned correctly to allow you to take full advantage of the latest home technology.  We offer a unique CAT6, CAT5e and Quad Shielded RG6 Coaxial cabling infrastructure for new homes that gives you the platform to install this technology now or in the future.

Installing this cabling infrastructure gives you access to new technology such as High Definition TV & Video (HDTV), Multi-Room Audio, 5.1 Surround Sound and PC & Telephone networking. Futhermore, by installing a Home Integration or Multi-Room system also enables you to to control and integrate other third party services such as lighting, blinds / curtains, security & access, HVAC as well as audio visual systems.

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