Interior Designers

Today’s modern homes are being filled with more and more technology. As an interior designer you will no doubt be attracted to a system that can both improve the aesthetics of a home and enhance the home owner’s living experience.

Envisage a home electronic system designed and installed to reflect your designs and your customer’s lifestyle and personality. One that is intuitive to operate and where everything blends perfectly with your interior. Future Control so happy to advise on suitable layouts for audiovisual equipment, and work with a professional lighting designer who can provide a lighting design to compliment your interior.

We can also invite you and your client to view our demonstration property, giving you a comprehensive demonstration of a complete solution, enabling you to experience the benefits for yourself.

If you have any upcoming projects in which you may wish to include an automated system, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise on any project and look forward to viewing your plans.