Colour L.E.D. Lighting

LEDs are the solution to all of your lighting needs. The benefits are vast and the advantages measurable and tangible.

At Future Control we always aim to provide the best possible products and the highest level of installation which is why our extensive supplier database includes providers and designers of some of the worlds’ greatest lighting projects and architectural masterpieces. The range includes luminaries for interior, exterior and underwater use. Most products can be ordered with single colour LED’s (red, green, blue, amber, cold and warm white) or RGB, for endless colour changing.

From extremely powerful Projectors for outdoor use – either IP67 or IP68 – to Strips in different formats, MR16 Modules – small but extremely bright – and more, we do have the LED luminaries to fit your project and budget. The option of a variety of optics for several of the units (from 6º for a narrow beam to oval optics for a wall-wash effect) further enhances the versatility of our range.

In addition the family of Intelligent Drive Systems offers a one stop solution for driving all your small and large scale installations. With a wealth of built-in functions and DMX facilities the IDS-1, IDS-1 Variable, IDS-4 and IDS-12 do in fact combine a driver and controller into one unit.

The benefits of using LED fixtures above standard lighting sources include:

  • Lasting Performance. Luxeon LEDs have an estimated life of approximately 50,000 hours, which equates to in excess of 5 years of continuous use or up to 15 years for most night lighting applications.
  • low running costs. The low voltage means your running costs are up to 90% cheaper than with standard lighting sources.
  • Low maintenance costs. No lamps to change and no regular service required mean your maintenance costs are 80-90% cheaper.
  • Low heat and no UV output. Even your most sensitive displays and works of art can safely and effectively be illuminated without risk of damaging their delicate nature.
  • Design flexibility. LEDs are extremely compact, which means the LED luminaries can be small yet still deliver high brightness and intense colours.

In addition our wide range of LED lighting fixtures and controllers offer you:

  • Quality build. Quality luminaries professionally built and tested that deliver even and bright light output every time. A family of controllers for small and large installations, also optimised for flicker-free use with digital and television cameras.
  • Solutions for all markets. Whether yours is an architectural, retail, entertainment or one-off unique project, your lighting solutions lie with us.
  • Solutions for all environments. Your interior, exterior and underwater illumination requirements are all taken care of. For examples of our products featured in a variety of applications please visit our news pages and picture galleries.

Our Partners

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