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Music anywhere you want it, at the touch of a button.  With a multi room audio system what you see are elegantly designed keypads and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.  With a keypad in each room or zone, you can access your complete music library through attractive, informative displays.  

Simple menus allow you to choose your source: digital radio perhaps, a CD changer, something from you iPod or for optimum choice and versatility, a dedicated multi-output music server. Then make your selection of radio station, artist / track or custom play-list ‘by name’. You can store your entire CD collection, MP3 files and even podcasts on a music server.

At any time, in any room, match your mood with the perfect selection from the World’s music library! Set the right atmosphere for a party or celebration by choosing a play list with a simple button push or screen touch. Choose from a plethora of stations, songs or from thousands of MP3's downloaded to the server to be enjoyed at any time in any room. Via the digital keypad, you can create a mobile play list of your favourite songs, albums and iPod tunes, which is transferred automatically to a player when connected to the server.

Gone are the stacks of stereos littering each surface. Say goodbye to big box speakers that look alien, no matter how modern your furniture is. This is what you see. What you get is so much more.

With installation easier than you ever imagined, you can have the music solution of your dreams in just a few hours. Here are just a few examples that show how Control4 can bring music into every room in your house:

Play music from multiple formats and sources, including radio, streaming music services, your iPod / MP3 player, an external hard drive or computer.
Choose to hear classical in the sun room, Blues in the kitchen, and rap in the teen's room — all at the same time.

Access to over 4.5 million songs in any or all rooms anytime with Spotify* *Spotify membership requires a nominal fee.

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