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Large residential dwelling - home audio ceiling integration
Large residential dwelling - custom built mirror/hidden TV

Large Residential Dwelling, Armagh

The owners approached us wanting a complete home integration solution to interface with lighting, HVAC, security, access, audio and video around the home without being obtrusive or overly complicated to use. We invited them to our show room and gave them a demo on the Escient Zone system and it ticked all the aforementioned boxes. Controlled through a range of stylish touch screens, LCD and button keypads or even with remote controls so they can see and control through their TV's, it is the ultimate in control no matter where they are in the home or remotely.

All rooms are wired for music and central access of iPod, FM, DAB and Internet radio and stored music.

All rooms have control of lighting with scene setting.

Home Cinema room was fitted with an Optoma HD82 High Definition Projector and recessed electric widescreen for the best in home cinema viewing. Paired with a Monitor Audio speaker set-up and Yamaha AV Receiver and Blu-Ray DVD player in separate control room. Integrated lighting so that when you press play on the remote control the lighting fades into cinema mode. Hit the pause or stop buttons and background lamps and wall lights come on so you can see and move around.

CCTV cameras can be viewed through the touch screens and TV's around the house so you can see who is at the front gate or approaching the house before they get in.

Fane Valley Agri-Centre site, Omagh
Fane Valley Agri-Centre site, Omagh

Fane Valley Agri-Centre, Omagh

We were approached directly by the client to design them a modern video & presentation facility to use in the board room of the new Fane Valley Agri Centre in Omagh. They wanted a solution that would not only give them easy control of any video equipment within the room such as laptop, DVD and Video but most importantly was easy to operate by the staff.

We offered a couple of solutions to them but in the end they decided to go with a system that not only offered what they were looking for in terms of functionality but also was within their budget.

For projection we went with a new Mitsubishi Full High Definition projector offering 1080p resolution and 4000 ANSI Lumens brightness onto a 2.4m recessed in-ceiling widescreen so they could use for any important presentations or board room meetings. For video switching we installed a Kramer Input Presentation Scaler and Switcher for all analogue and digital video inputs. It scales any video signal composite, s-Video (Y/C), component video (YUV), HDMI, computer graphics video and JPEG files) up or down to a selectable graphics or HDTV output resolution via HDMI or 15-pin HD outputs. It provides glitch-free switching between sources through FTB™ (fade-thru-black) switching technology. We also left 2 no. of laptop, VGA / HDMI Video and Audio Input Plate under the board room table so they had multiple video source inputs. For audio output we fitted 1 pair of Mordaunt Short In-Ceiling speakers and a 30 watt in-wall amplifier controller to allow adequate volume control for the room. We also included an iLight 4 channel HF Ballast Source Controller and 7 Button Control Panel for scene setting of all lighting in the room.

For integrated control of the video and lighting systems we programmed a Pronto RFX9600 serial controller and TSU9400 control panel that features a stunning 3.5” QVGA colour touch screen and offers an intuitive user interface to make a selection of any video presentation source whether it is the overhead projector, laptop or DVD / Video recorder as well as having full volume and playback control.

Equipment specified:

  • Mitsubishi FD630U DLP Projector
  • Euroscreen Sesame Electric 2.4m Widescreen 16:9
  • Kramer VP-728 Input Presentation Switcher / Scaler
  • HDMI / VGA Video & Audio Input Plates
  • HDMI & VGA over CAT6 Video Receiver / Transmitter Baluns
  • Nuvo WA30 In-Wall Amplifier Controller
  • Philips Pronto TSU9400 Hand held Control Panel
  • Philips Pronto RFX9600 Serial Extender
  • iLight SCH0410 HF Ballast Source Controller
  • iLight CRP073 7 Button Control Panel

Images courtsey of Gordon Dunn

Waterways Ireland HQ, Enniskillen
Waterways Ireland HQ, Enniskillen

Waterways Ireland HQ, Enniskillen

This impressive building in Enniskillen was built in 2008 for Waterways Ireland. We were contracted to supply and commission the complete audio visual and lighting control specification. This included the Public Address system, Digital Signage, Board Room Video Conferencing, Presentation & Room Integration facilities, Training & Exhibition Rooms presentation & Integration facilities and iLight Lighting Control systems throughout the building. The brief was to install state of the art video conference and presentation facilities in a number of rooms throughout the building that can be easily operated by end users through one easy to use interface.

Equipment specified:

  • AMX MVP-7500 Modero Viewpoint Touch panel &am; Processor.
  • Lifesize Room Video Conference.
  • U Touch Plasma Overlay.
  • NEC 60" & Panasonic 42" HD Plasma Displays. High resolution professional plasma displays for large board room and reception areas.
  • Panasonic Interactive Panaboard. In today's fast-paced business environment, interactive whiteboards provide a cost effective and real-time global teleconferencing advantage.
  • Genee Vision 8100 Visualiser. The Genee Vision is a digital ICT presentation resource that directly connects to a P.C. and/or Interactive Whiteboard, Projector or LCD screen.
  • Kramer VP-23 Multi Format Presentation Switcher with Stereo Audio.
  • Shure Microphones including handheld, lapel and radio mics.
  • Mitsubishi XL650U Projector.
  • Tannoy CMS50 & IW6DS In-Ceiling & In-Wall Speakers.
  • Cloud CLX range of 100 Volt Line Amplifiers for the PA system.
  • iLight SCH0410S HF Ballast Controllers for all 1-10V, DSI or DALI control. These locally located source controllers were specified in the board, training and exhibition rooms to enable scene setting and dimming of lights when using the presentation facilities.

Images courtsey of Tracy Bros.

Lough Eske Hotel & Spa Complex, Donegal
Lough Eske Hotel & Spa Complex, Donegal

Lough Eske Hotel & Spa Complex, Donegal

We were nominated to supply and commission the complete lighting control specification. With almost 300 circuits varying from inductive, resistive, capacitive, fluorescent and switched loads we were asked to integrate with the overall building management system to help provide the control tools to help them create innovative and inspirational lighting whilst also saving energy.

Equipment Specified:

  • All iLight Control Gear
  • iLight SCH1210S 12 Channel 10Amp High Frequency Ballast & SCI1210S 12 Channel 10Amp Inductive Controllers for most of the lighting loads.
  • iCAN Bridge which is configurable as a floor controller when used over multi-floor applications.
  • Ethernet Gateway. This allows the user to control and configure the iLight system using iCANsoft on a LAN network PC rather than by connecting directly into the network. Where a wireless LAN is in place the user can access the network with a Wi-Fi enabled PC or laptop, giving freedom of movement during commissioning.
  • System Integrator Node. The bi-directional System Integrator Node allows control of a wide range of third party equipment through the iLight user interfaces including audio systems, TVs, projectors, blinds, heating and HVAC systems, etc.
  • TSC30 3.5" Colour Touch Screen located behind main reception area and managers office. These offer the ultimate solution in flexible, intuitive and user friendly interfacing to the lighting control system and for controlling linked systems such as blinds or curtains.
  • PE1C Ceiling Mounted Photocell. These are used extensively around the main communal areas of the hotel to determine light levels in an area and used to govern daylight linking so as to manage lighting levels and minimise energy consumption.
  • PI1C Ceiling Mounted Motion Detector. If no presence is detected then lighting can be dimmed or switched off so as to minimise energy consumption.
21 Social Bar & Restaurant
21 Social Bar & Restaurant

21 Social, Bar & Restaurant, Hill Street, Belfast

Belfast's newest boutique bar and restaurant situated in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast City Centre. We worked in partnership with Marcon Fit-Out and supplied, programmed and commissioned the extensive use of iLight Lighting Controls.

From simple mood lighting to stunning visual effects including chase and colour changing sequences, the iLight control system is designed to manage complex lighting at the touch of a button. In service environments ambience is key. Creating the right mood for social interaction, drinking and dining is critical to the customer experience. The lighting mood for morning coffee, lively lunches or intimate dinners can all be achieved simply and effectively using stylish touch screens or button control panels. Different pre-programmed lighting events can be easily recalled by staff or left to run in a timed sequence so as not having to rely on busy staff to set the scene at different times of the day.

Equipment specified:

  • SCH1210S 12 Channel 10Amp High Frequency Ballast & SCI1210S 12 Channel 10Amp Inductive Controllers located on all three floors for the dimming or switching of all common loads used throughout the building.
  • TSC50 5.7" Colour Touch Screens located behind all three bars. These offer the ultimate solution in flexible, intuitive and user friendly interfacing to the lighting control system and for controlling linked systems such as blinds or curtains.
  • CSR093-LMS 9 Button Control Panel c/w with key switch located in public areas for tamper proof controllability. These are pre-programmed for use by service and cleaning staff for scene setting, sequencing and simple manual switch or fader control.
  • TC-1 Time Clock is a surface mounted electronic time clock with astronomical facility and LCD display. It allows up to 255 timed events with 8 sequences and up to 30 steps per sequence. Scene selection and channel level raising and lowering.
Watergate Quay Apartments, Enniskillen
Watergate Quay Apartments, Enniskillen

Watergate Quay Apartments, Enniskillen

Located on the edge of the picturesque town of Enniskillen and overlooking Lough Erne these 18 no. of apartments have been installed with a comprehensive structured cabling system to provide for home networking of TV, Satellite TV, Phone, Broadband, LAN, Home Cinema with surround sound and Multi Room Audio. All living areas have Mood Lighting installed for pre-programmed scene setting to allow homeowners to set the ideal levels of lighting for cooking, dining, relaxing and entertaining.

There has also been a Multi-Room Audio system installed to allow all rooms to access a centrally located music system that includes iPod dock, Dual AM & FM Tuners, and CD player. Each room or zone can play a separate music source independently from other zones. Users can listen to their favourite radio station while preparing dinner or relax in the bath while listening to their favourite playlist from their iPod docked in the kitchen.

Another feature to these luxury apartments is a dedicated 5.1 surround sound system and wall mounted LCD TV fitted in the living areas to enjoy watching movies and TV programmes in high definition quality.

Equipment specified:

  • Nuvo Essentia E6G Multi-Room Audio System with T2 Tuners & iPod Docking system.
  • Monitor Audio Radius 45HD & R370 5.1 Home Theatre System with Denon Amp and Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • iLight MPM2400 Processor & SCMI0402 4x2Amp Inductive Leading Edge Controllers with CRP073SS 7 Button Control Panels
  • FutureNet TV, Telephone & PC Home Networking Cable, Socket & Hub Infrastructure utilising the power of CAT6a and RG6 Coaxial cabling to ensure all rooms are pre-wired for TV, Satellite, High Definition TV, Telephone and PC services.

Images courtsey of Property Pal

Armagh GAA Athletic Grounds redevelopment
Armagh GAA Athletic Grounds redevelopment

GAA Athletic Grounds, Armagh

We were awarded the contract to design, install and commission a new Public Address & CCTV system in the newly developed GAA Athletic Grounds in Armagh. The redevelopment seen the creation of a 5,700 fully covered, seated stand along the Eastern side of the ground. The upper level will include a control room, media room and also new changing room facilities.

For the Public Address System, we wanted to ensure the end user had a number of pre-programmed PA settings to choose from on different match day and crowd environments without being complicated to operate. The best way to do this was to use an Allen & Heath iDR-4 Sound Management System which is a 16 x 16 matrix mixer with an extensive array of audio management tools and designed to reduce the need for additional devices for the installation. In the media room we left an Allen & Heath PL-10 Rotary Fader Plate Module labelled up with the various pre-settings for addressing the different areas such as; 1. All Areas 2. East Stand 3. West Stand 4. Outside Areas, etc. We also left audio input plates at pitch side level and at the back of the new stand for any live entertainment or broadcasting they may have.

For the actual speakers we used the TOA HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speaker in the new all seated East Stand as well North and South terracing areas as it offered a radically different approach to speaker design with four adjustable dispersion angles — 60, 45, 30 and 15 degrees — that you can change in seconds. Best of all, you get pattern control below 1kHz in a compact and lightweight enclosure that’s perfect for using in this type of outdoor environment. In the new West Stand terracing and outside areas we used the TOA CS-304 wide range horn ensuring uniform and clear sound dispersion in these areas.

For speech reproduction we used a range of Electro-Voice wireless portable and gooseneck microphones and other accessories.

We also installed and commissioned a new CCTV system around the stadium offering full security coverage of all main areas of the ground. All areas including the new seated East stand, West, North and South terracing, all exit areas and turnstile and parking areas are protected using high specification PTZ cameras at the various locations so they can focus in and control any of the cameras using the Network System Controller with 3-Axis Joystick and view on a high resolution 19” spot monitor.

All CAT6 data outlets, patch panels and wireless access points were commissioned by us also.

Equipment specified:

  • TOA HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speaker in new East Stand and North and South terracing areas.
  • TOA CS-304 Wide Range Speaker in West Stand and Boundary Areas.
  • Allen & Heath iDR-4 Digital Sound Processor and PL-10 Rotary Fader Plate Module for control.
  • Allen & Heath iDR-in Digital Audio Input Expander
  • Electro-Voice Microphones & Accessories
  • Eneo PTZ, Dome & Control CCTV sytem
  • CAT6 Networking & Wireless Access Systems
Ulster Rubgy Club's redeveloped Ravenhill stadium & social rooms, Belfast
Ulster Rubgy Club's redeveloped Ravenhill stadium & social rooms, Belfast

Ulster Rugby Club, Ravenhill Stadium, Belfast

We supplied & commissioned all Lighting Control equipment installed in the new corporate stand at the home of Ulster Rugby. This included all switching and dimming control using fluorescent, discharge & mixed lighting sources with industry standard protocols including 1-10V, DSI, DALI, DMX, RS232, RS485 & Ethernet. This allowed the club to improve the energy efficiency of the stadium by eliminating energy waste by employing scheduled control throughout the entire building.

Equipment specified:

  • SCH1210S 12 Channel 10Amp High Frequency Ballast
  • SCI1210S 12 Channel 10Amp Inductive Controllers
  • CSR093-LMS 9 Button double gang
  • Series 3 Control Panel with key switch for tamper proof controllability and IR control

Some of our other comercial projects include: